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Quanzhou sprint of "China bags"

2017-04-13 14:05:06

  As the nation's largest export base for one bag bag, quanzhou declaration of "China bags" work is under way. According to introducing, "the capital of bags" title of the declaration work finally needs the approval of China light industry federation and Chinese leather association. 

  Quanzhou as one of the main bag bag industry base, through improved and extended, quanzhou bags production enterprises, more than 1000 existing, and guangdong, jiangsu and zhejiang area, one of the three bases of bag bag production in China. Learned, bags and clothing, the footwear industry in raw and auxiliary materials, production process, the respect such as target market with strong commonality, relying on the strength of the quanzhou clothing, footwear and other industries, the bag bag industry has been rapid development, at the same time, chain constantly extend and improve it has formed from bags, leather machinery, textile fabrics, foaming materials, ribbon, zippers, tie rod, metal buckle with a relatively complete industrial chain, such as preliminary has the coordination mechanism of industrial clusters, the industry became one of the main industry and to promote the development of quanzhou economy's export powerhouse. 

  We have learned, won the "China of bags" crown, quanzhou bags industry set many conditions to be met. Such as, need to have several brands of leading enterprises, to have complete industrial chain, and professional markets. According to introducing, quanzhou bags have been export-oriented industrial cluster as before, although export enterprise leading plenty, but has its own brand of leading enterprises are few and far between. In addition, because of the quanzhou bags specialized market has not yet been built, not form a perfect supporting the whole industry chain. These factors have become quanzhou coronation of "China bags" stumbling block. 

  Now, however, affected by the financial crisis, quanzhou bags is turning to the domestic market, foreign trade enterprises own brand bags of leading enterprises are gradually increasing, is underway in quanzhou bags industry to speed up close to the pace of "China bags". According to Chen Zhanglong, since this year, there are more and more quanzhou bags foreign trade brand began to register famous trademark, well-known trademarks in quanzhou of fujian province. It is reported, at present already hold more famous trademark of fujian province quanzhou bags industry, including the "yan", "wai jie", "yue MAO", "yu source", "sea" and so on more than 10 brands. In addition to send bags also honor "China well-known trademark", "Asia's 500 most valuable brands award", "Chinese box top 12 enterprises" and other honorary title, in order to change the quanzhou bags industry ", no "of the status quo of quanzhou is the preparation for the bag bag of logistics center. Quanzhou currently planned in the okanagan valley area east of site selection for construction "quanzhou bags international logistics mall". Quanzhou bags international logistics is a collection of product after the completion of the mall, raw and auxiliary materials and machinery trading, information exchange, technical research and development, personnel training, logistics and distribution services for the integration of quanzhou bags industry center.