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Basic design taste five bags appeal

2017-04-13 14:06:49

Lunar New Year holiday will come, travel bags as necessary costume, need to hold concurrently at the same time practical and fashion two basic elements. A high quality handbag, may directly reflect the user's personal taste. How to choose the handbag, not only look at the beautiful appearance of the bag, and must be harmony and the overall style. 


A and the perfect collocation suits the basic style 


Used to match up the most appropriate must be a well-made, style rules of basic design. The simple sense of fashion handbags, now pay more attention to itself, the soft leather texture, classic version of perfect and mature joker color, become the basic three characteristics of bags. 


Tips: the basic style of bag bag itself the demand is higher, whether work or texture, will become the focus. Selection design is as simple as possible, but well made bag, is the key points. 


Second, seasonal selling fur bags full of warm meaning 


For these two years application of heavy fur elements in the clothing, bags design how can not? Whether it is on the edge of the local use, or the whole clipping of large area, can the fur of warm happy and harmonious. If it is afraid of fur clothing expand feeling or too costly, the but again for popular heart itch more than people, fur bags is the best choice for this season. 


Tips: this season's fur bags with recreational style collocation, mostly with concise character costume complement each other, the recreational style can be used to ornament echo fur coat, but bear in mind that do not match again costly feeling real fur coat. 


Three, enduring logo cloth bags 


Every brand will not miss the classic logo cloth bag bag style, on the one hand is the combination of design and brand itself, on the one hand, also became a special design. Logo cloth bag color mostly is composed, the design is concise and easy, with details to light up the whole. Casual or formal classic style can match, can not tempted? 


Tips: logo cloth bag itself is a kind of brand of acme. 


Fourth, different grid bags 


Grid bags can be according to the different design, color, style, present a completely different style. Formal or casual; Elegant, or easily; Mature, or lively... Big plaid heat this season, and the grid bag bag indeed is surely worth a try. 


Tips: you can use a single, large color outfit with rich color grid bag bag, also can use colorful clothes with tonal single grid bag bag, but can't fancy to go to, integral feeling is compromised. 


Five, the national style of embroidery bags 


As the continuation of national style, this season is part of the brands are introduced corresponding embroidery bags, full of strong ethnic customs, in the modern world of the modern show a unique taste. Design exaggerated, eye-catching color, can't attract eyeball is difficult. 


Vigorous Tips: the national style of this season to join the mashup, will match with concise heavy and complicated, the ancient customs and modern echo, bright and composed to build, and what is more easy and convenient than with embroidery bags to match?