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Bags are divided into which a few kinds

2018-05-07 10:01:24

According to the classification of domestic roughly:

(1) according to the function classification, purse, cosmetic bag, evening bag, handbag, shoulder bag, backpack, inclined shoulder bag, travel bag, and multi-function bag;

(2) according to the material classification: real leather, PU bags, PVC bags, canvas bags, nylon bags, hand woven bags, etc.;

(3) according to the design categories: mainly including handbags, hand bag, single shoulder bag, bag, backpack, purse, zero wallet, wrist bag and so on.

(4) according to the category classification: the fashion leisure bags, luggage bags, sports bags, business bags, evening bag, purse, key package, mummy bag, cosmetic bag, briefcase, etc.