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How to select children schoolbag custom manufacturer

2018-06-07 10:37:28

Now, children's school bags design is more and more, dazzling, more let a lot of parents fretted. In recent years, many kindergarten and school looking for bag manufacturers unified bag design and production, reduce the burden of the parents. However, many kindergarten and school leaders don't know the custom make notes in the children's school bags, this is not conducive to custom health school bag. How to select children schoolbag custom manufacturer?

Children's bag custom

Bag a custom common sense: test bag factory bearing system

Bag factory design of the stand or fall of bearing system, which has huge influence on children's body. Want to have that health must pay attention to the bag straps, braces choose wide with soft mat, so can greatly reduce the burden of bag to bring, when to get the bag factory bag so, be sure to check the details.

Bag custom common sense 2: bag factory design considerations

Should be paid attention to when designing the style of bag, bag can't fit on the back of the back, there should be some grain can breathe freely, soft mat, and contact surfaces are best sea in order to increase your comfort level.

Three bags custom common sense: pay attention to the strength of the manufacturers

Looking for school bags customized manufacturer, must pay attention to the strength of the manufacturers, pay attention to looking for long time, word of mouth is good, after-sale guaranteed factory cooperation, so manufacturers can design and produce a healthy children school bag.