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When choice knapsack to the child to pay attention to what matters

2018-07-09 09:42:28

From the perspective of the impact point of health and to the body, package is definitely good choice. If you are aware of posture, backpack can also be a good choice to reduce the financial burden on the spine, single shoulder bag is very easy to cause a lot of health problems. So choosing children's package, should follow the following matters:

1, backpack backpack production wholesale manufacturers to introduce children choose considerations, wide shoulder strap backpack belt: thin can lead to pressure, pressure points are more likely to cause pain and other problems.

2, material: try to choose the lighter or short-ship backpack, can't let the weight of the package to wear the body.

3, carrying stance: if you put the messenger bag for single shoulder bag, long shoulder bag will spinal special "pressure" because this bag vibration of gravity. It will bring the negative impact of more than one shoulder bag. So it is important to figure out how to carry bags in the form of health.

4, not be moved: whether the child's shoulder bag or backpack, shoulder strap shoulds not be too long, otherwise it is easy to cause excessive shaking. And right shoulder belt length help stabilize the center of gravity, so the muscles of the body will adjust to change the center of gravity and the damaged or body in the end.

5, the position of the backpack: if you want to carry easily the child's backpack, bag can't too low. For example, edge on the bottom of the bag, is the best place in the pelvis. With inclined shoulder bag at the bottom edge, preferably in the waist, and backpack is best in the edge of the pelvis.

6, backpack backpack production wholesale manufacturers to introduce children choose to note: it is best not to put the package (messenger bag or backpack) on the front. From the point of view of health, if you put your bag in front of you, your body will inevitably forward, it will easily lead to "hump".