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Several principles of choosing a new schoolbag for your baby

2018-10-27 10:31:11

  Principle 1: materials should be light.

  Usually, children need to carry more books and articles everyday, most of them are "full weight". Therefore, in order to avoid aggravating the child's load, the bag should choose lighter material, such as nylon or PVC glue material. In addition, the bag is best to avoid too many metal buttons or zippers, these gold accessories are made of materials, will also increase the weight of the bag.

  Principle 2: shoulder strap should be wide.

  Children's schoolbags are generally heavier, if the shoulder strap is too narrow, shoulder pressure will be greater, long-term down easy to make shoulder injury. Therefore, parents must choose a wide shoulder width when choosing schoolbags for their children, which helps to spread the weight of schoolbags and reduce the pressure on the shoulders. Secondly, it is best to choose a soft shoulder strap, which is not easy to cause the shoulder trapezius fatigue.

  Principle 3: zoning

  To choose a schoolbag for children, we should also pay attention to the inner partition of the schoolbag, so that the district is the first choice. Zoning can not only let children put books, stationery class, find things without hurry, but also let the weight of the bag even.

Principle 4: price and style

  The children's preferences should also be taken into account when choosing schoolbags. For girls, most of them like cute styles, such as pink princess pattern, cute KITTY cat pattern and so on, while boys prefer Spider-Man and robots. When buying a schoolbag, it is sure that you can choose TA's favorite pattern. For the price range of schoolbags is also very large, ranging from tens to hundreds of yuan, parents can choose a higher cost-effective schoolbag according to their needs.

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